Before we were application builders, we were first lovers of food and that hasn't changed.


This love, coupled with a passion deeply embedded in providing solutions that restaurants will want and customers will love, we do a lot more than build a platform.  Our goal is to build a better, sustainable tomorrow, one dish at a time.



Donald T Boone - Founder & CEO

Born and raised in the Washington, DC area, Donald's path to founding Oleo was anything but conventional.  After getting his start as a Mechanical Engineer in the oil and gas industry, Donald decided to take his passion for food and entrepreneurship more seriously.  


One late night in 2015 after working and brainstorming into the early morning, it was a smooth jazz song by Miles Davis that helped him wind down for the night.  The song's name? "Oleo!" It was then that Oleo was officially born.


Give Back

"Paying it forward" isn't just lip service for us. That's why positively impacting

the communities we operate in is so important.

So each and every year, our "Need to Feed" campaign 

donates meals to those in our communities who need it most.


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Want Oleo in your city?  Think you know of a restaurant that fits our profile?  Want to simply say hello?  Drop us an email, we would love to chat.  If you hate email, you can also reach us one of the various social media outlets.  We'll be here.